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Just few days back while  I was driving  on the road of mumbai  and stopped on the red signal light. A  little girl maybe at the age of 7 yrs, dirty looks , no sleeper and wearing just a loose big t-shirt  round neck  came near  my car in drivers seat and knocked the window. As I look at here she’s asking food with a sign placing her hand towards her mouth back and forth  .I don’t have any foods with me in my  car that time .  Since she is a child beggar , as how she asked foods I  know she is hungry. Thinking if I give money definitely she will run in the store to buy foods . I really don’t encourage to give money to beggars  but in some situations like this I don’t have option than to give her money.

I gave 10 rupees and she was so happy and run away so fast and didn’t  go even  to other cars to ask to beg. Still  on red light  so I am just happy looking at her . She stopped somewhere and looking at the money at her  hand and I saw another beggar boy came near her and took the money from her hand and run away.

The little girl  sat on the ground and cried too much then  rolled her body in the dirty ground  after a while while crying.  I pity her a lot , if only I m can buy her foods to just stop crying . I really sympathize those little kids begging on the road for foods Poverty is what they saw they saw from their parents. And when they are hungry  they have to find a means to feed their own stomach by begging as well.


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