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Who we are

What Makes Us Beautiful is an e-commerce product listing store.It is affiliated with many e-commerce giant companies .These companies designed to provide a means for this site to earn a commission or advertising fees by linking their categories of products in this website and promoting it in a way that it will reach to prospect consumers.
Why shop with us? Its is more convenient to shop with us, as you can find all the trending products of Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal here .You can browse all their products here without having the pain to log in separately in that 3 website .All their products is here so start browsing and shop with us!

Our Story

In every entrepreneur’s journey there is always a story behind how they started a new venture. There is a story in every avenue of struggle to achieve success of whatever endeavours we have in life. Wether it is a wonderful story or a bitter story but what most matter for me is that I am so determined onced I made up my mind to start something.
I want to make a big change and difference in my life ….
But to start something new, is all about to have a strong mind set and a self belief that I will make it, that i will not stop halfway that I need to finish what I had started .That, it will succeed the idea i have in mind, to focus on it and believe in myself of my capability even its new to me that I will learn how to go about it with self learning and with the help of others and with optimistic view about my goal.
Yes, trying to do something which is new to me needs time. Needs a lot of reading to learn other things which I don’t have knowledge. Everyday I spent more hours online to read more how could I earn just like how other people earn 6 figures in $ working at home and read others stories that they even quitted their full time jobs as they earn online 10 folds of what they earn in full time job. while reading some successful stories , more curiousity drive within me too pursue and took me many months to research what I need to do to earn while staying at home. As always in anything we do, how to begin is the toughest thing, but onced we started it will come in smooth flow naturally. How will i start and where to start make my head spin. While browsing the net, I came across with all this home based money making online some are legit but mostly are fraud. I was never entice to sign up as many of it are paid online survey, paid social media and typing jobs and I don’t know how legit it is as many of them  just want to earn money from us as well to let us sign up.
I read blogs and became curious of how people earn through blogging, they earn through commission promoting the products of some companies by putting the link on their blogs . Had to choose a specific niche to talk about and create traffic in their blogs. But I was not satisfied to have just one Niche. I feel I have a too voracious brain to think to cover everything to promote all whatever I can. So it is so tough to squeeze every cell of my brain to let it work and help me to come up with the idea that make sense. It’s already in my mind that I want to promote everything not only one Niche. But e-commerce store still doesn’t come up in my mind. One niche doesn’t suffice my cravings, I want to have it all. With that root word everything, I came up with an idea that everything will make us feel good. And it connects in my mind that when we feel good inside, it gives us a lot of energy that makes us happy with sparkling eyes to make us feel beautiful inside out . So to connect all of the ideas I gathered has good outcome that “anything of everything is what make us beautiful.” Since I had thought about the word “everything,” meaning I cannot do blogs to talk about all Niches and join all communities.
But I had that in little corner of my mind that whatever we want, it will makes us feel good, and will makes us beautiful. So while browsing the giant companies of their products categories I had thought to make same online store listing of categories and since I don’t have much knowledge I read more and more of how to associate with them so I just found myself signing up as affiliate with those companies. So then it was clear in my mind to make an e-commerce flatform store listing affiliated to giant companies and promote their products list categories in my website and earn from commissions and advertising fees and it’s more a hassle free.
So then,  personally I made my own website rushly for 2 weeks with all the contents on it and start blogging as well, but since I want it to look professionally then I took the help of professional webs designer , thanks to Asnnovia Solutions for helping me re-design and change all the look to make it professionally look website and I ‘m loving the look of it.
I have strong intuition that this website will gonna be successful , although the ROI will not happen in one blink of an eye , just I need organic promotion at first and later I can surely promote properly how to drive a traffic in my website . And I believe that it will incrementally build financial freedom and passive income in the near future.
I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the people who had helped me, made things possible for the existence of this website.
With all my prayers in my journey with WMUB!

Meet the team

Our team talent is everything to us - it defines our culture, processes and the environment. We focus on the work of smart people who uphold our values and create new opportunities for our customers, clients and users.

Zenaida Mastura
Selft motivated entrepreneur with high dream of providing people beautifull product.
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